a little bit more about ethan

past work

some dear accomplishments in word and in sound include:

performing as a drummer in and out of new york city

i first picked up drum sticks 20 years ago. since then, i've performed in concerts across the united states at venues such as los angeles's nokia theatre and chicago's millennium park, and on stage with music luminaries patti austin, cassandra wilson, joe lovano, and wallace roney. during the summer months of 2020, i organized groups of musicians to play socially-distant concerts to seniors; our work was the subject of this article in the chicago tribune.

in my youth, i performed with the grammy jazz ensemble and the jazz band of america, and after moving to new york in 2009, i've gone on to work with straight-ahead masters johnny o'neal, james weidman, bass virtuoso morrie louden, composer-pioneer jorge sylvester's conceptual motion orchestra, and many others playing the great black american music known as jazz.


contributing my writing in distinguished capacities

my words have been published in ghanaian cultural hero and guitarist koo nimo's autobiography, six strings and a note: legendary agya koo nimo in his own words. koo—with whom i lived while studying in ghana—requested my contribution to a chapter alongside renowned scholars john collins, royal hartigan, abena busia and others. i was commissioned to compose the liner notes for chase baird's groundbreaking 2019 album, a life between, which features jazz giants brad mehldau and antonio sanchez.

other honors of which i'm proud:

—after graduating cum laude from columbia in 2013, i received honors from the anthropology department for my thesis on gift donations in a union square street performance for which i played drums. ​

—i spent six years working with acclaimed start-up story2. i wrote and delivered workshops in cities and universities across the country—and internationally, at the renowned yungu school in hangzhou, china. i led the translation of the story2 concept into mandarin. ​

—i spent three years composing 30 successful "extraordinary-ability" artist visa profiles, both for new york city's visa law pros and independently.

i've fortunate to encounter some great human beings. 

the master teachers with whom i've been blessed to work include:

—master drummer marvin bugalu smith, new york—

—master drummer joel spencer, in chicago—

—groundbreaking anthropologist, michael taussig, while attending columbia university—

—world-renowned guitarist and philosopher, koo nimo in ghana, west africa—

—koo's master drummer, sammy—

—ray king, bucket drumming pioneer, with a research grant from columbia university—

—mark mcrae, new york streets historian and master funk drummer—

—george brandon, foundational scholar of santería studies and award-winning composer—

—candice ackermann, renowned immigration lawyer in new york—

—my father, norberto kogan, master businessman—

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