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in my own words

a little bit about ethan

welcome! i'm glad you're here.


my current work includes a few major projects:

1. co-authoring a drum set method book with a living master: 

spiritual drumming by marvin bugalu smith with ethan kogan

after seven years of apprenticeship with mr. smith (sun ra, archie shepp, chet baker)—an eccentric genius of the drums, music, and philosophy—we propose this volume as a radical alternative to traditional music pedagogy. honest about socio-spiritual concerns of music-making, the book addresses both masters and beginners, presenting a total picture of mr. smith's concept in six uncompromising essays on drumming's technical aspect and six more on its spiritual aspect.

2. publishing philly joe jones's brush artistry vol. II: the unreleased sequel to the 1968 classic of drum instructional literature, brush artistry

philly joe jones's brush artistry stands as perhaps the most iconic instruction book on brush playing in history. near the end of his life, mr. jones wrote a second volume—a witty, unusual book of brush patterns—but the manuscript was never published. working alongside mr. jones's son chris, as well as the veteran don sickler and his publishing house, second floor music, i am coordinating the release of this second book—along with the re-release of the original brush artistry. i am joined in this humbling endeavor by four of the greatest living masters of brushes in the world today (to be announced soon!) who demonstrate the patterns, each with their own particular grace.

3. releasing music with my band, vivian

producers include daryl johns (mac demarco, vijay iyer, the lemon twigs) and the illustrious bogart supreme. i write the lyrics, sing them, and play drums. stream our new single, "jack clare," out may 2022.

4. residency at the hexagon lounge

my years-long residency at harlem's hexagon lounge resumed july 2021, post-pandemic. we perform every 3rd tuesday of each month, featuring  rotating cast that includes many of new york's finest musicians.

current work

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